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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 UGLY CHICKPEA TRADITIONAL GOLDEN SYRUP LYE WATER PEANUT OIL The seeds of the lotus flower. Considered neutral in TCM and is highly nutritious. It is restorative to one's health, expels heatiness and strengthens the spleen, kidneys and heart. It is a good source of protein and many minerals including magnesium. phosphorous and potassium. Same as previous. COCONUT NECTAR OLIVE OIL A refined sugar product containing invert sugars - sucrose broken down into free glucose and free fructose. Alkaline water or potassium carbonate solution increases the pH. This weakens the gluten and accelerates the Maillard reaction to produce a brown crust. Derived from peanuts, it is prone to rancidity although it has high in MUFAs. Sabrina @ ReallyLoveRaw BUN FLOUR An unrefined oil rich in MUFAs and has a good ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids. CHICKPEA FLOUR vs THE LOW-DOWN ON MOONCAKES Pure stone-ground chickpeas. High in protein and dietary fiber. Naturally gluten-free. Highly bleached white flour stripped of all nutrients and bathed in chlorine - a whitening agent. A minimally processed sugar low in fructose (10 percent) THE SKIN OR CRUST LOTUS SEED PASTE (CLASSIC FILLING) LOTUS SEED LOTUS SEED A delicacy enjoyed during Mid-Autumn or Harvest festival, observed in Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean culture.Originally a day of thanksgiving for rice harvest, in modern times it celebrates the gathering of families under the harvest full moon. COCONUT NECTAR A minimally processed sugar low in fructose (10 percent) SUGAR SALTED DUCK EGG YOLK YOLK SWEET POTATO NUTRITIONAL YEAST Duck eggs preserved in salt water (brine) for 30-40 days. The deep golden yolk represents the full moon. PEANUT OIL OR LARD L-glutamate in nutritional yeast mimics the salty taste of egg yolks and is held together with mashed sweet potato for the color. Lard may be used to impart a smooth mouthfeel to the lotus paste and helps to soften the skin to a pliable consistency. OLIVE OIL Though stronger tasting than peanut oil, only minimal amount is used to allow the natural sweetness of lotus seeds to shine. WHOLE. HEALTHY. KIND. Highly refined and consists of fructose (50 percent) and sucrose (50 percent).
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