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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Monuments Men By Robert M. Edsel Fall, 1939. Hitler's Third Reich expands into further countries.The Soviet Union is on edge over the recent invasion of Poland and Austria, close to their borders.The US doesnt join into the fight until 1942 when the Japanese bomb pearl harbor,A small task force of professors of art join the way behind the third army and the invasion of France.These "Monuments Men" Scower all of Europe for any piece of art that hasnt been stolen by the Third Reich.After Germany's surrender on May 7th, 1945. The Monuments Men are on the edge of looking for the lastof the stolen art inside Austrian Salt mines, although, they only have a limited amount of time until the Sovietscome and take the area over, so. They take all the gold, silver, and precious art from inside the mineand pull it out of the Soviet zone. Most art not found today is speculated to be burned as a last orderfrom Adolf Hitler, but these men worked hard to save the generations to come from a global art catastrophe. "Remember the high price that'll be paid if the very foundation ofmodern society is destroyed." This quote explains the primal purpose of the monumentsmen and their trip into war tore Europe. Time line to show the squence of World War 2 Lt. Jame Rorimer, a main curator for the monuments men Lt. George L. Stout, the "leader" of the monuments men and the creator of it. Over 68 percent of all stolen art is still not found after 70 years. The Mona Lisa found in a Germancastle towards the Austrianborder. Most of the stolen art was found inside an Austrian salt mine. That was figuredout by citizens of the local village. Two of the seven Monuments Men sacrificed their livesin the rescue of modern society and the savor of art itself,they will never be forgotten.
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