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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Neuro readings of your brain to the GoogleGlasses to "shape your experience" atMuseums.Pros:-Customized-Enhance education-Increase engagementCons:-Privacy issues-Accuracy-Lost opportunities to experience new points of view. 3D Projection of artworks in education or home settings, abilityto purchase.Pros:-High accessibility-New ways of getting money-Increased curiosityCons:-May not give full effect-Details aren't clear-Lower attendance Entire exhibit 3D projection of images and objectsat museums and in public places/ in exhibitionsPros:-More exhibits, provide new access to art--Reinstallation would be almost eliminated - fasterrotations - more guests -more money.-Artists could be remote and could still be able to accesspeople and museum experience.-Same exhibit happening in multiple locations-enhancing the collection with additional visual information. 3D Projection ArtAcer releases first 3Dready projectors3D Projection mappingGoogle Art ProjectPocket Projector4D Projections3D & 4D Visualizationin business/service/products1rst travelling live 3DmusicalInfographic projectionmapping in Grand CentralStationSony brings world's first3D 4K home theater projectorto your living room"The Invisible Drive" Mercedes-Benz Up until now: 2010 2009 2011 2012 2019 2013 3D Projected Games:Microsoft Xbox 3D Neuro Readings AndroidProjectionPhones KEY: Already Happening Our Projections GoogleGlasses:$1,500.00 Single ArtworkProjection 2027 2014 Exhibition Projection 2023 MobilizedEducational Projections Location based small scale 3D projectionsPros:-able to get artwork without worryingabout insurance, travel of artwork (damages) & instantaneous-Promotion of the museum for their abilityto give access to more art, and their useof innovative technologies. FORECAST Full Dimensional Experience Team IndependentsLeah.Brigid.Natalie.Ariel.Jackie
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