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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 12: Status Quo:Sulley and Mike go on their casual day of going to work 1: Call to AdventureRandall wants to break the Scare Record 2: AssistanceBut with the assistance of Mike, Sulley breaks the Scare Record 3: DepartureRandall is filled with rage. Later at night, Randall tries to boost his numbers to break the record. 4: TrialBut all of this changes quickly,Sully meets a toddler named Boo from Randall's door. 5 & 6: Approach and CrisisBoo is later found going to Mr. Waternoose right after they realized that Boo is human. After resulting, abandoning them in the snowy areas. 7; TreasureA few minutes after sledding down the snowy hill, Sulleyrealizes that there's villageswith children screaming in the night and goes throughone of the doors to get Booback. 10: New LifeRight after Mike and Sulley return,They have to take Boo backand shred her door. Sulleykeeps a piece of Boo's door. Monster World:We scare because we care. 8 & 9: Result and returnSulley captures Randall and throws them into ananonymous door resulting Randall getting beatenby a shovel as Mike and Sulley return to their place. 4: TrialBut all of this changes quickly, Sulley meets a toddler named Boofrom the human world 11: ResolutionThe door is shred but Sulley kept the last piece of the door to remember Boo.Mike decides to fix the door after they havelost their jobs after Waternoose was fired. 12: Status QuoMonsters Inc. reopens with a twist: LaughterSulley starts his casual day at work with something new:Laughter instead of scaring and having Boo back. There's more than a kid fromthe other side.... Monster World:We make them laugh becuase wecare.
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