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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Daily Life Physical Effects Diferences Monsoons- Dry- It can kill crops and cause droughts, due to not enough rain. It causes the community to have a lot of economic costs not benefits. Wet-It can cause floods and damage buildings causing more money on the society, butyou can get more crops from it being more wet and rainy Plate Tectonics- If you live in an area where there are frequent Earth quakes or in the mountains the plates effect how you can do things in your life. You may not be able to plant crops because the plate tectonics formed the mountains that you may live on and that can cause you to not have the resources you need to survive. Monsoons- Dry- The dry monsoons effect physical geography by changing the climate, which causes the ecosystem to have trouble and that effects the geography of the life inthat area. Wet- The wet monsoons effect physical geography by making the area hit more wet and muddy which effects the ecosystem in the area. The ecosystem contributes to the physical geography. Plate Tectonics- The plate tectonics effect physical geography over time by changing the Earth's land positions like the Continental Drift. It also effects physical geography by cause land forms like mountains and plateaus Monsoons- Dry- A seasonal wind, from October to April, blowing wind from the northeast causing dry weather. Wet- A seasonal wind, from May to September, blowing wind from the southwest causing wet and mucky weather. Plate Tectonics- A plate tectonic is what is believed to be a plate of land (Earth's crust) moving around the Earth and sometimes crashing into each other causing different land forms.
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