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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monsoons vs. Plate Tectonics How does plate tectonics and monsoons affect daily lives of people? Monsoons Plate Tectonics Can cause extreme hunger and floodsthat could kill many of people. Can cause earthquakes like theSan Francisco one in 1906 whichcould damage buildings. May cause drought, hardship for people, and crop failures. Harder to live in placeswith mountains formed by plate tectonics. Life is dependent on rainfalls becausesome people in South Asia and all overthe world depend on water from the rain. How do monsoons and plate tectonics affect physical geography? Monsoons may help plant lifegrow around South Asia becauseof the rainfall. Monsoons pick up moisturefrom the land. Plate tectonics can createmountains like theHimalayas in South Asia. Earthquakes caused fromthe plates can destroyphysical features. ml Major Differences Monsoons happen in Summer and Winter The moving of plates can happen at any time Monsoons can make lifeeasier while plate tectonicscan mostly make it harder m
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