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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monsoons v. Plate Tectonics Nick Ciardo 7th Hour Plate Tectonics Daily LifeThe movement of tectonic plates affectdaily life by causing natural disasters which destroys people's homes, work buildings, roads, etc.Some natural disasters have a positiveaffect on people, such as volcanoes.There volcanic rocks have formed some of the most fertile soils on Earth, so farmers can grow and sell crops quickerand easier. Physical GeographyPlate Tectonics affect physicalgeography because they cancause natural disasters such astsunamis, earthquakes, floods,volcanoes, etc.It also affects physical geographybecause it creates new landformslike mountains, plateaus, etc. Monsoons Physical GeographyMonsoons affect physical geography because when wet monsoons produce lotsof rainfall, the lakes, rivers, or any body ofwater could flood.It could also affect physical geographybecause if the water from the rainfallis pouring over the edge of somethinglike a mountain, the rock will start toerode and get smaller and smaller, soone day that landscape won't be there anymore. Daily LifeMonsoons affect daily life because during the wet monsoon season, therecould be landslides and floods whichentire neighborhoods could drown,landslides can bury villages, anddestroy crops, but during the dry monsoon season there could be droughtswhich could dry out the crops and die.It could also benefit people and farmerswith farming because since the wet monsoon season gets so much rainfall,farmers can store that water for the dryseason, and plant your crops with that water. Two Differences Plate Tectonics are structures of the earth's crust and Monsoons are seasonal windsthat brings intense rainfall to different countries.Plate movement can happen anywhere where plates are located and Monsoons can only occur in certain areas.
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