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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monsoons Plate Tectonics How Monsoons Affect Daily LifeWet Monsoons-Flooded streets limit transportation-Replenishes dry areas with water-The heavy rain allows for more crops and fresh waterDry Monsoons-Droughts cause less waterso it limits water use-It is much hotter indry monsoon season-Less crop use because ofless water-Crops get destroyed How Plates Affect Physical Geography-When two plates collide they create mountains and volcanoes-When two plates grind against each other it causesan earthquake-Two different plate typesoceanic plates and continentalplates Andrew LuyMr. FinkSocial Studies2/25/15 Monsoons Vs. Plate Tectonics Differences Monsoons How Monsoons Affect PhysicalGeography-Dry Monsoons cause droughtswhich reduce water levels-Wet Monsoons go north fromwater sources like the Bay of Bengal and theIndian Ocean creating wet winds-Dry Monsoons go south from deserts creating dry winds-During wet monsoon season low elevation villages flood How Plates Affect Daily Life-Plates cause volcanoes and earthquakes whichcause destruction-Mountain Ranges arecreated by Plates and people who live there are affected -Plates are below land andMonsoons are above-Plates create geographicallandmarks, like the himilayasmonsoons do not-Monsoons cause weather changes,Plates Cause terrain changes Monsoons Caused by Plates Flood Himilayan Village Himilayas
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