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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monsoons vs. Plate Tectonics Monsoons and Plate Tectonics Similarities Monsoons Plate Tectonics Cause and Effect of Monsoons Cause and Effect of Plate Techtonics Monsoon Plate Techtonics What problems can both of them cause? Monsoons Plates Wet monsoons can cause heavywinds and rain coming in fromthe Indian Ocean. Becauseof this floods will occur. DryMonsoons can cause droughts.Because of these disasters people will lose crops andsome of them will even die. When two plates come togetherthey can make an earthquake. These earthquakes can cause death and a lot of destruction.However, if one plate moves under another it will forcethat plate upward to createa mountain. Mountain Drought Monsoons can cause floods and droughts. Because of this crops dieso money goes down. When moneygoes down the economystarts to plummet. Also people can die fromthese harsh conditions. Plates crash together to createmountains and earthquakes. When earthquakes happencivilizations can be ruinedand people could pass away. Fun Fact:There are two types of Monsoons:A Wet Monsoon and a Dry Monsoon Fun Fact:There are 12 major plates on Earth Monsoons are heavy winds and rains that come mainly from the Indian Ocean. They create floodsand droughts. Plate Techtonics is a theory of how Earth is divided by plates. Plates move and canmove over or under each other.This can cause mountainsto form and even earthquakes. Monsoon Plate Techtonics How do they affect daily life? Monsoons affect people by -Destroying crops-Destroying houses-People make less money-Limiting water supply . How are they similar?-Both can kill people-Both are destructuive Plate Tectonics affect people by:-It can cause a volcano to erupt-It can cause an earthquake-It can make mountains Plates forming a earthquake After effects of a monsoon
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