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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Many people in South Africa can not afford the medication needed to prevent HIV from killing their immune system. Our plan is to not only offer free medication that will be handed out by the doctors,but to also offer transportation to the doctors with the medication. Even though awareness about HIV/AIDS is not as large a problem anymore, itstill is necessary to make sure people understandwhat this disease is. There is no cure for HIV yet;however, thousands of people are working so hard to find a cure, and it is important that they are funded to do so. 50% of our money would go towards finally finding a cure and beating this disease that is killing so many people. HIV/AIDS Money Distribution Around 18% of people in South Africa are affected by HIV/AIDS South Africa has the largest antiretroviral treatment rollout programme in the world. Life expectancy has also increased by 5 years since the height of the epidemic. Without support from donations, they will no longer continue to research treatment and offer help to others. AIDS/HIV virus has infected over 78 million people worldwide. Money Split-up 1. helping stimulate growth 2. Medical Treatment 6.1 million 50% 25% Awarenes 25% Research 5+ years of life South Africa has the biggest and most high profile HIV epidemic in the world. In 2012, an estimated 6.1 million people were living with HIV, with 240,000 South Africans dying from AIDS-related illnesses. *resources - The Organization for African Unity has decided to donate 2 million dollars to a worthy cause that is considered the most important problem in the African Countries. We believe HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa is a serious problem that will continue to kill thousands of people each year without help from the OAU. 6% of the people affected are children 78,000,000 18% 6%
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