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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Money is very important to succeed in life, you need it for almost anything that you will do including eating and drinking.Therefore it is important to know how to manage your money. It is important to realize that banks can make mistakes, so you should keep records so that you can verify in case they make mistakes it is also important to read over bank statements for the same reasons. You cant go without a bank or you wouldnt be able to; save large amounts of money, use a debit card, use a cheque, be eligible for loans, mortgages and credit cards. Learn how to use cheques, transaction registers and bank statements would have been very confusing had my mom not explained it. It would probably be good if it was put somewhere when and where they are used as well. It was interesting to know that there is a fee for using ATMs (something I never knew). It was surprising to learn that bad credit can stay with you up to seven years. It was also useful to know a few helpful techniques to shopping. Often when people use their credit cards for small purchases, they lose track of how much they spend and go over their budget. When you budget, it is important to leave some extra money in case unexpected expenses come up. Before reading this I had never really thought about how much money there is involved in buying or renting an apartment or house apart from the initial cost. Thing such as furniture, damage deposits (arent those only for rentals), phone and cable hook-up and other things that you will need. There were useful suggestions on how to save money when you get a new place or just save in general. It was useful to learn about buying a used car both from dealerships and private owners, what was also useful was the tips on how to inspect a car for damage before buying it. The information on education and scholarships will be really useful, for example I didnt know that I could enter certain scholarships already. Considering that taxes are one of the most important things you will need to be able to do as an adult, they should have included how to complete them in this unit, not just what they are. My sister has graduated and now has to do taxes but she had no idea how (and shes really smart), and since my parents have their taxes done by accountants they couldnt help her. This caused lots of problems with CRA. It was interesting to learn so much about how to save money and how to avoid ripoffs, however the majority of the content here was common sense and I dont think that it was necessary to include that much information. There were some useful things mentioned but the videos and such could have been a lot shorter.
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