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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monarch Tracking Project Let's use our iPads outside the classroom! Groups will be scattered throughout the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly sanctuary. All students have pupil andteacher contact information under the Contacts app on their iPads. 1:1 Integration Collaborate & Contribute - Original Discussion Board on Government Conservation and Individual Responsibility due April 23rd- Submit original paper on group work collaboration for peer review due April 25th - Upload visual data i.e., photos, videos, and interviews to instructor at Once the originality of the visual data is confirmed, create a PowerPoint presentation (final) with group on findings EQUIVALENT TO APPROX.300 SHEETS OFPAPER SAVED! Requirements: Join Us for the Pismo Beach Monarch Grove Field Trip!More info Visit Picture & Video Link your visual data to it's exact location. Upload one photo GPS Track Record the butterflies in their natural habitat Deforestation Drivers Saving Trees InitiativeSan Juan Unified School District SOURCES: - - Watch the videoon Monarch ButterfliesMigration using Google Earth Take a Tour! 30 iPads Collaboration Education Technology Originality Geography Be a part of scientific research on the migration of Monarch Butterflies! Life Science 101- Group Research Project. Instructor: Mrs. Shauntae Panth PROJECT MISSION:*Build a Community: Learn to trust other students and takeresponsibility for group work effort.*Foster Respect: Diverse students means the class has diverse strengths!*Be heard: Although this is a group project, students are required to write a first person account on their experiences, interests and challenges working in a group-work setting.
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