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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Momma Said By Calvin Forbes The slice I ate I want it backThose crumbs I swept upId like my share againI can still taste it like it wasThe memory by itself is deliciousEach bite was a small miracleBoth nourishing and sweetI wish i had saved just a little bitI know it wasn't a literal cakeIts the thought that countsLike a gift that's not store boughtMaking it even more specialLike a dream that makes you Want to go back to sleepYou can't have your cake And eat it too momma saidI was defiant and hardheadedAnd answered yes i can tooThe look she gave me said boyI hope you aren't a fool all your life Poem Analysis The meaning of this poem is, in order to live in the present, you can not dwell on the past as it is explained in lines 14-16."Like a dream that makes you want to go back to sleep, you can't have your cake and eat it too momma said"Having the cake compares to living in the present but eating the cake compares to dwelling on the past. Figurative Language The poem's figurative language consists of a metaphor and an idiom.In line 5, "The memory by itself is delicious" is a metaphor because a the memory is being compared to deliciousness. Tone His choice in words for this stanza presenta tone for regret specifically the line"I wish I had saved just a little bit" Quatrain is the formbecause each stanza consists of 4 lines Form The figurative language for lines 14-16, "you cant have your cake and eat it too momma said"is an idiom because it means more than its literal meaning.
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