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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ~ In the Philippines, police officers are still torturing people even after their government ratified 2 international Anti-Torture Treaties.~ The Anti-Torture Act was passed 5 years ago hasn't convicted any officials yet.~ Jerryme Corre was beaten up on the streets by police,they took him into the station and continued the beating. - They continued to call him the wrong name during the interrogation. An official came in & identified him as the wrong man. * Police charged Corre anyways. Arms ~ The Arms Trade Treaty created by world leaders will stop the selling of arm on the black market on a global level.~ The ATT will not stop the selling of handguns in the US.~ With no law regarding the production and selling of arms, it can lead to the branching of other human rights violations.~ To put it into perspective, the international community regulates items like food, but they don't have global rule for the trade of products designed to kill and injure. ~ Belgium, Bulgaria, Crech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, the UK and the USA have all supplied weapons to Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen. ~ They gave them weapons and money without having evidence of substantial risk that the weapons could be used to commit serious human rights violations. ~ The USA has been the biggest supplier to Egypt, giving them $1.3 Billion annually for small arms, ammunition, tear gas and riot control agents. Recent events in the USA * Michael Brown shot by officer Darren Wilson (August)* Eric Garner killed by an officerputting him in the chokehold (July) ( ( ( ( Military Police Military, Police, and Arms ~ Military police and military investigators butted heads because of the regulations they had to follow in the prisoner of war camps.~ The rules were continuously changing for the investigators, letting them get creative with there tactics in Guantanamo Bay.~ Some POWs were starved, left thirsty and even touched in a sensualmanner by the woman investigators. (In class movie)
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