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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TEXT Mr. Hyde dead and Dr.Jekyll is Missing! Coincidence or not? Wednesday December, 21 1887 The London Times page: 1 Reporter: Molly Burch page 2 Some think that Mr Hyde kidnapped Dr. Jekyll and then killed himself.This reporter thinks not. There are speculations that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the same person!! WHAT??? How is that possible? In a letter Dr. Jekyll wrote to Mr Utterson It states, "My life is shaken to its roots; sleep has left me; the deadliest terror sits by me at all hours of the day and night; I feel that my days are numbered, and that I must die; and yet I shall die incredulous. As for the moral turpitude that man unveiled to me, even with tears of penitence, I cannot, even in memory, dwell on it without a start of horror. I will say but one thing, Utterson, and that (if you can bring your mind to credit it) will be more than enough. The creature who crept into my house that night was, on Jekyll's own confession, known by the name of Hyde and hunted for in every corner of the land as the murderer of Carew." In this note he is saying that Mr. Hyde killed himbut if you think deeper beyond what he literally says you can see that could be a possible theory that Mr Hyde and Dr. Jekyll are the same person. Sources: Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeGoogle images
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