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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Happiness and truth are incompatiable Society forces one to conform or die Happiness: Immediate gratification in regards to food, sex, drugs, and materialistic objects Mustapha Mond believes people are better off with happiness than truth SOMA! Willfull self- delusion from reality.Keeps them from dealing with emotion John turns his life into one of Shakespeare's tragedies instead of facing the reality of it Truth: Scientific or empirical facts or personal connections including love, friendship, and family Why can't truth exist? Truth = Individual Desire Live in communal society! Communal society = Lack of Thought LACK OF THOUGHT = NO INDIVIDUALITY! Lenina Bernard Mond Linda Abandons her desire for a relationship by conforming to society'sstandard of promiscuity. i.e. Dating Bernard Gives up scientific endeavors and curiosity to become a leader of society Switches from BNW society to savage society and back. Is a mother but thinks its disgusting yet finds in comforting at times. Very confused of which society to follow. Dies from abuse of soma. Does not fit in to either Savage or BNW society. Stand up for his beliefs to Mond. Chooses to leave. Society follows him. Still cannot reform. Commits suicide. Huxley's BNW society places the good the majority over the good of the individual. In order to have a society of stability and happiness, the people there had to sacrifice individual liberties and personal freedoms. These include: religion, family, love, art, literature and most importantly, the freedom of thought. They gave up truth for constant happiness. When happiness goes astray, the citizens resort to soma and everything is forgotten. The people of the BNW society sacrificed their freedom to society and in this way they conformed to it. They follow the rules and do so obediently as society wishes to maintain stability and happiness. Those who did not conform or could not conform died. "A gramme is always better than a damn," (pg. 90). "Getting rid of every- thing unpleasant instead of learning to put up with it," (pg.238). "Was this most goodly book made to write 'whore' upon?" (pg. 195). "All right then, I'mclaiming the right to beunhappy," (pg.240). "She was publicly, proving her un-faithfulness to Henry," (pg. 58). Brings Linda and John back to society in order be accepted there. He then follows the casual, sexual way of life. "I'm not your mother I won't be your mother! ... Suddenly she put her arms round him and kissed him," (pg. 127). All right then, I'mclaiming the right to beunhappy," (pg.240). John Molly Sammon
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