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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Supernova E X P L O S N I O of a star x1,000,000,000 A supernova can be 10 light years big. That's like 37 billion United States - and thats just the length Not every star explodes. For instance, our Sun (which is a star) will never explode. Stars that are 10 to 100 times bigger than our Sun eventually __________________________________________________________________________________________________ explode and create a supernova explosion. Our Sun A sun that can explode _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ The material that is expelled from the exploding star travels at a very high speed of almost 20,000 miles in one second. That's like going around the earth in less than a second. _________________________________ Tycho's supernova, observed in 1572, was so bright it was visible in the day. _________________________________ _________________________________ A supernova only happens every 50 years in our galaxy. Thats like binge- watching Breaking Bad 9,000 times. _________________________________ : _________________________________ Supernovas are the primary means for carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, and iron that seeding the galaxy with many elements such as are necessary for planets and life.
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