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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Module 2 Study Guide Big Business and Its Consequences Working Conditions:-child labor-long hours-low pay-dangerous conditions Labor Movement:-Eugene Debs, Samuel Gompers, Mother Jones-Knights of Labor, IWWs, AFL-Pullman Strike (1893), -Haymarket Riot (1886), -Coal Creek Labor Saga (early 1890s)-Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (1911) Social Darwinism v. Social Gospel-2 very different responses to the new urban poverty Urban Poverty-Tenement Houses-Sweatshops-Poor Sanitation-Disease Civil Rights Leaders and Works*Booker T. Washington-Atlanta Compromise*WEB DuBois-Souls of Black Folk*Marcus Garvey*Ida B. Wells Civil Rights Native American Citizenship-Elk v. Wilkins (1880)-Dawes Act (1887)-Indian Citizenship Act (1924) Women's Suffrage-19th Amd (1920)-Perfect 36-Anne Dallas Dudley-Harry Burn-Gov. Albert Roberts-Carrie Chapman Catt Populism-Farmer's Alliances, Grange Mvmt.-Gold Standard v. Silver Standard-Graduated Income Tax (16th Amd. 1913 )-Banking Reform (Federal Reserve Act 1913)-Regulation of Railroads (Munn v. Illinois 1877) Interstate Commerce Commision (1887) Fighting the Monopolies-Sherman Anti-trust Act (1890)-Clayton Anti-Trust Act (1914)-Federal Trade Commission (1914)-TR, Taft and Trust-busting Progressivism Muckrakers-Ida Tarbell "History of Standard Oil"-Lincoln Steffens "Shame of the Cities"-Upton Sinclair "The Jungle"-Jacob Riis "How the other half lives" Fighting Bob LaFollette and other state political reformers-Referendum-Recall-Initiative-Direct Primary-Direct Election of Senators (17th Amd.) 1913 Progressive Presidents Moral Reforms and Modern Efficiency-Temperance Movement (18th Amd.)-Public Health and Sanitation initiatives-Women's Suffrage (19th Amd.)-Local Government reforms (City Planner, Scientific Management)-Child Labor Laws-Public Education Theodore Roosevelt Domestic Policy-Conservation (National Parks, Forestry Service)-Trust-busting -Square Deal-Pure Food and Drug Act (1906)-Meat Inspection Act (1906) William Taft Domestic Policy-Trust-busting-Reversals on conservation-Payne-Aldrich Tarriff Foreign Policy-Gunboat Diplomacy (Big Stick Diplomacy)-Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine-Constable of the World-Great White Fleet-Started the Panama Canal project Foreign Policy-Dollar Diplomacy Woodrow Wilson Foreign Policy-Moral Diplomacy (Missionary Diplomacy)-US troops in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Mexico-Support of democratic governments through military and other means Domestic Policy-New Freedom-Underwood Tariff (1913)-Clayton Anti-Trust Act (1914)-Federal Trade Commission (1914)-Federal Reserve Act (1913)-16th Amd. Graduated Income Tax (1913) American Imperialism Causes of Imperialism-Desire for raw materials and new markets-Desire for new naval bases and a strong military-Desire to spread Anglo-Saxon culture to "uncivilized" people (missionary zeal, "White Man's Burden")-Alfred T. Mahan's "Influence of Sea Power Upon History" Consequences of Imperialism-Annexation of Hawaii (1898)-Phillipine Insurrection (1899-1902)-Panama Canal (completed in 1914)-Spanish-American War1. Remember the Maine2. Yellow Journalism3. De Lome Letter4. TR and the Rough Riders5. Foraker Act (1900), Platt Amd (1901) World War I Causes of World War I-Militarism-Alliances-Imperialism-Nationalism-Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Reasons for US involvement-unrestricted submarine warfare-Zimmerman Note-defense of democracy (see Russian Revolution 1917)-economic considerations (US lending to Allied Powers) On the front lines-Trench Warfare-Machine Guns-Chemical Weapons-Airplanes-Tanks-John J. Pershing-American Expeditionary Force-Doughboys-Alvin C. York Consequences of the War-Armistice: Nov. 11, 1918-Treaty of Paris 1919 (very unfavorable to Germans)-German reparation payments-Wilson's 14 Points-League of Nations-Henry Cabot Lodge and the US failure to join the League On the Homefront-Women in the workforce and auxillary roles-The Great Migration-voluntary rationing-Creel Committee and propaganda-conscientious objectors-Schenck v. United States (1919)
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