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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is copyright?Copyright protects the creaters of the original material. Copy right protects: Literary Works,Dramatic works, music, artistic works, performers performances, sound recordings and communication signals. Infringment of copyright.This is what the courtsuse to describe a violationin the laws of copyright. Consequences in Copyright.This is the punishment peoplerecieve for breaking copyrightlaws. Copyright is a criminaloffense and can result in a fineor jail time. Exceptions in Copyright.Exceptions in copyright are given to special groups.Some of the groups are educational and library purpose.The uses of the material used by these groups are forbenefit pupblic good and best interest of community. Plagiarism!This is the act thatchallenges honestyin peoples work. Ithappens when peoplecopy others people'swork or idea and claimit to be their own. Citation.The act of citing or quotinga reference to an authorityor to show the original materialthat you paraphrased in yourwork. This can also include the ideas you used. This is important becauseit is so easy to avoid by usingcitations. If you are caught plagiarising it can really effectthe credibility on the rest of your work This is good for students because it allowsus to use materials to help explain our work.We must remeber to give that original materialcredit. So we use citations to show the originalmaterial. This is extreamly important because it is a way of showingpeople where to find the originalmaterial used in your work. This is important becauseit shows people whatcourts consider a cpoyright infringment. Copyright is very importantbecuase it shows peoplewhat they can consider their own and what can't becopyed becuace it belongsto someone else. This is important becauseit shows what can happenif you do break copyright laws.
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