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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pride and Prejudice compared to After Mr. Darcy - He is considered very rude and has a lot of pride in himself. So he is very conceited. He is not good with the romance scene and is often making fun of Elizabeth.But just as in Hardin's case he gets the girl and she can see past his rudeness and his pride. Characters Pride and Prejudice After Hardin- Hardin, just like Mr.Darcy, is very rude and full of himself. He has a temper and usually takes it out on everyone else. Just like Mr.Darcy he often has rude remarks towards Tessa. But somehowhis wittiness and rude comments and somewhat sweet demeanor gets Tessa after he proves he can change for her. Elizabeth Bennett- Elizabeth loves reading and has a poise about her that Mr.Darcy, for some unknown reason, is attracted to. She is very intelligent and beautiful. And despite Mr.Darcy's actions and words, Elizabeth can't help but to fall in love with him after all he does for her and how he tries to be the guy she wants. Tessa Young- Tessa Young is very intelligent. She started out at the University of Washington and she was studying English. She is a very beautiful, but she is very sheltered so a guy like Hardin came off as very rude and actually made her cry a few times. So she couldn't stand him in the beginning (just like Elizabeth). However Hardin begins to have feelings for Tessa and he actually tries to be a better person. They have a lot of fights still, but she knows how much he changes and how much he actually needed her and even how much she needs him. Setting The Pride and Prejudice takes place in modern day (1800's) in a small part of England. There is a war going on. Most of After takes place at the University that Tessa and Harry both attend. It is set in modern day. However some of the books takes place in Seattle after Tessa moves there. There are not similarities between the two books for setting because they take place in different countries and different eras. The similarities are in the love story. Plot A lot of the plot is the same between the two books. In the beginning both Elizabeth and Tessa can not stand Mr.Darcy and Hardin. They feel very ill towards the two men because of how they present themselves and how they treat the people around them. Eventually the guys stop and realize they actually enjoy the women and start trying to impress and being nice. It takes awhile but Elizabeth and Tessa see that they havefeelings for the guys too. And after several fights,misunderstandings, and struggles the two pairs come together. Theme The overall theme I got from After was that love has the ability to help us overcome the most difficult situations and has the ability to change people. The overall theme from Pride And Prejudice is that sometimes love has the ability to destroy and also help people. And when you love someone so much you are willing to give up your selfish ways in order to help the one you love. In both books, Hardin and Mr.Darcy, were willing to change for the women they admired and ended up opening up and doing things they would have never done without the women.
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