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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 These activities: Indicate exceptional leadership and enhance reputation, defensibility, and operational effectiveness Promote exceptional, functional performance and future relevance in a changing environment. THE "MODEL" BOARD Journey to Regulatory Leadership IncreasedEffeciency Regulatory Leadership These activities: Save time and money, as well as enhance defensibility and reputation. Conform to best practices intended to increase efficiency and effectiveness in functional performance. Regulatory boards engage in these functional activities to establish basic credibility as a professional regulator. Plans Strategically Focuses on the future Recognizes welfare Utilizes national models and standards Allows for administrative approval Performs active Board Member recruitment and training Reviews regular law/rule/regulation processes Maintains productive relationships with stakeholders Utilizes CLARB resources Engagement in and contributing to the CLARB community Regulatory Credibility Regulatory Relevancy Licenses professionals Establishes registration renewal Continues competency/continuing education Registers regulated professionals Protects the title and scope of practice Creates standards Investigates complaints and establishes resolution Manages discipline, incompetence, and incapacity proceedings Provides public information and support Provides licensee education and support
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