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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LANDING PAGE RFP RESPONSE by Mobilunity Goal: Build Landing Page for Promotional Purpose ver. 1.0 09/01/2015 Prepared by Sergey Abbasov Product: Fitness app, iOS START our approach Learn Build How did they get to landing page? Who is our audience? Web/Tech Development What is the goal and needed action? Inspiring high-quality content Who are we competing against? Copyrighting Prototype and Design careful about page enters and exits clear call to action flawless design flawless design only essential info personal-visual-explainaning looking gorgeous looking gorgeous MATCH AD TEXT mobile friendly meaningful A/B testing conversion tracking clickable share buttons ye-catching headlines FAST LOADING SMM activitiesTestimonials, Thank You pageCRM integration Launch Support Period - 1 yearSEO analysisSMM analysisSite updateDedicated Support manager our project team Customer support manager PHP/Java Developer Tester QA Engineer System Analytic Technical Director Copywriter our value project budget & timeline Creative Director 40$/4hrs 30$/14hrs (cost per hour/total hours) 40$/2hrs 30$/4hrs 25$/6hrs System Engineer 20$/5hrs 30$/42hrs 25$/38hrs 21 days & $4040 w/o VAT We understand your business and looking forward to meet & discuss details! mobile: +38 050 464-41-30skype: sergey.abbasove-mail:
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