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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MOBILE PERFORMANCE SUPPORT Learning in the Flow of Work - The Future of Work Place Learning CONTEXTUAL AWARE THE FORGETTING CURVE Visit us at Contextual aware apps deliver learning that is targeted to the job at hand, taking care of what to deliver when, increasing the likelihood of learning, and the application of that learning to the work. 40% > 20 mintutes 70% in 1 day 90% in 30 days 80% in 2 days How much we forget over time according to psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus 65% 65% of workers declared their mobile devices to be their most critical work devices. 18 secondsand it's gone . Dutch psychologist Suzanne Piet researched and found that without emotional influence, the memory discards and forgets information in under 18 seconds. More than 800 experiments have demonstratedthat spaced repetition increases long-term retention in individuals by 200%, and the optimal time to review information is just beforethe forgetting phase. Mobile is the platform to deliver spatial repetition efficiently and cost-effectively. 200% INCREASE The closer a learner is to the place and moment of Apply, the more open and ready that learner is to learn. Allowing people to learn in the context of the job, connects the knowledge to the work, helping them to retain it, and develop higher level abilities more quickly. Researchers at Columbia University haveshown that we are much better at remembering where we might find a piece of information, than remembering the information itself. HOW A JOB IS LEARNED CONNECT LEARNING WITH EMOTION The methods people go about to learn their job. Informal learning 70% Coaching, mentoring 20% Formal learning 10% Mobile is the perfect informal learningplatform, allowing for access to a significant library of learning media,all at a moment's notice.
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