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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Visual Goal The Heart of Social Giving Use the psychology behind a real-time thermometer to your advantage to increase donations & motivate supporters with personal recognition. Texting Instructions Real-timeFigures Real-TimeContributions Fundraising Thermometer Basics Campaign Logo clear instructions for supporters to follow ensure donationsreach your cause & are included on the real-time thermometer Donors give with their heart, not their head. Visual Aid It Moves! challenge donors to fill the thermometer as fast as they can supporters see their name and donation scroll in realtime and you can use this feature to personally thank people for their contribution (hello, friendly competition!) customize the backgroundto show your campaign goal built-in campaign brandingcreates visual consistency donors want to see what your goal is & it drives the sense of urgency in your call to action who doesn't love numbers?donors get a sense of satisfactionknowing they count and their donationmoved your cause closer to fulfillingyour's a win-win! People give to feel...1Social Connection2Sense of Control/Power3Acceptance & Belonging4Morally Satisfied Additional Tips1Jumpstart Mobile Pledging by Seeding the Thermometer2Maintain Donation Momentum By Acknowledging Donors In Real Time3Find A Match So Donations Have A Bigger Impact
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