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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 Known For: 1 Advantages: Cool Fact Natural/Physical Feature:The Mississippi river is the second largest river in the us.The Gulf of Mexico is another physicalfeature of Mississippi. It plays a big role in the trading that goes on in this state. Climate: Antebellum homes are big hojmes that can fit 10-15 people which allowed for more people to be attractedto this state.Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and the largest city in this wonderful state. 16% This state is known for: Southeastern State:MississippiTommy MorrisonSherod Bryant Disadvantages: . Man Made Feature Industries and Crops Agriculture is a very important industry even thoughit is in a lot of states. Chickens are raised inMississippi and is one of the leading states in raising chickens. Some seafood that Mississippi catches and has in its waters areoysters, shrimp, catfish, red snappers. There are lots of people in Mississippiwhich is an advantage to living in this state to help the economy. Timber is a very helpfulindustry that can make a home or different things in the world. Hurricanes are a verybad natural disaster that poses as a disadvantage A warm climate is apopular must-have for people looking for a place to live and that isexactly what Mississippihas. Mississippi's bordersare, Alabama to the east,Luisiana to the west,Arkansas to the Northwest,Tennessee to the north,Gulf of Mexico to the south.It is in the very southof the country. Why People Live Here: Pollution can be verybad for your breathingand you could become very ill. People live herebecause there are lots of natural resources,and lots of job, there is a very warmclimate Mississippi is the birthplaceof Walter Payton and JimHenson. Its state bird is theMockingbird. The temperature is between 33-92 degreesin winter the averagetemperature is 55 F that is cold for thesoutheast. Magnolias
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