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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 #TAKEHEART Leader's Retreat Summer Team Leadersspent their Spring Breakbeing trained in Atlanta. Leaders head to Camp Egan for Fundraising Big Teams ORU Family Christmas Teams learned vital ministry design skills through empathymapping and OneHope's 4DMatrix Team Building MISSIONS CHAPELSeptember 27 Teams spent time praying & fasting for the nations, their contacts & each other. ORU Missions also partnered with Voice of The Martyrs & Campus Worship for a special prayer service for the persecuted church. Big Teams occurred twice a month and included some of the following trainings Teams learned to put on a Children's Service, performa Step and be effective in Youth Ministry Teams received training in preaching a message, sharing a testimony and Inductive Bible Study SPRING BREAK /ATL RETREAT & ATLANTA Prayer Vigil Cultural Preparation Contact Investment Spring Break and Summer 100% Business as Missions Spring Outreach BIG TEAMS MISSIONS TIMELINE In preparation for their role as leadersSpring Break andAssistant Team Leaderstook time to practicetheir real world skills. Evangelism,Community Development,Spiritual Warfare Serving through local Outreach on a FebruarySaturday, these leadersgained practical experience in ministry, delegationand empowerment. Leader's Meetings Spring Break and Summer 50% Debriefing SPRING BREAKAND SUMMERROPES See their story in the Americas section. November 19 Teams kick off the start of FUNDRAISING SEASON with Stamp Party In February we debuteda new and improved spanning across 3 days. PRAYER VIGIL November 15-16 OneHope Cultivate - Church Services - Training also included: Traveling Big Team - Fall Outreach
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