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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mishicot Science and Technology Food Science Divison RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL It is estimated that 125 in 270 students at Mishicot High School will enter a Food Science Course Of these 125 people, 57 students will complete a Food Science Program of Study First day of work should not be his/her first exposure to the skills needed to be a contributing member of a companies workforce WHO ARE OUR PARTNERS? Percent Industry Increase Northeast Wisconsin Forecasts the Following Job Growth 8.6% 10.2% Future Employment Opprortunities by 2022 2% 3.5% 8.6% Food Science Managers Food Scienitest Food Science Technicians Food Serving Food Preparation Workers BelGioioso Cheese, Inc Red Arrow has provided superior smoking solutions to the processed meat industry as well as flavor and processing solutions to the food industry Johnsonville, LLC Intro toAgriculture FoodScience Family Foods ProStart 1 ProStart 1 ProStart 2 Food Science Program of Study Emphasis In:Hospitality and Tourism Emphasis In:Agriculture Large AnimalScience Horticulture Customer ServiceTechniques Leadership andProfessionalism = 10 students CHAMBER OF MANITOWOC COUNTY blurb Have been a manufacturer of smoked sausage and hot dog products. Founded in 1945, Johnsonville is producer of a variety of different top selling products that range form brats, sausages and patties.
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