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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Doctors Misdiagnosing a Patient: Leading Causes and Consequences What leads doctors to misdiagnose today is they do not rely on theirinstincts, are not up-to-date on their knowledge, and do not examine a patient thoroughly enough. They need to diagnose their patient correctly because misdiagnosing a patient could result in some dangerous consequences. Leading Causes 1. Doctors do notrely on their INSTINCTSand allowtests to determine what a patient has. 2. Doctors are notup-to-dateon their KNOWLEDGE. 3. Doctors do notEXAMINEtheir patientthoroughly enough. "A four-year old boy has been sick for months, with fevers that just would not go away. The doctors ordered blood tests,which showed the boy had leukemia. There were a few things about hiscondition that didn't add up, likethe light brown spots on his skin. Turns out, the boy had a rare form of leukemia that could not be cured." "Doctors need to update knowledge of various aspects of basic and applied medical sciences related to common arthritis disorders and also upgrade on their skills, competence in diagnosis, and knowledge in interpreting and treating arthritis disorders." "A woman of 46 visits her doctor because she feels a lump in her breast. The doctor examinesher, but finds nothing wrongwith her breast. Three monthslater, she returns with the same complaint. This timeher doctor indeed feels something there in her breast." Consequences Disability Disease to Worsen Death "One report found that 28% of 583 diagnostic mistakes were life threatening or had resulted in death or permanent disability." Sources: "Errors in General Practice: What Should the Doctor do Next?" by Conradi and Schuling."Prescription Mistakes in Rheumatology Practice" by Tandon, Vishal R., and Annil Mahajan."Physicians Misdiagnose at an Alarming Rate" by the National Center for Policy Analysis."Why Doctors so Often Get it Wrong" by David Leonhardt. Evidence Evidence Evidence
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