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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources - Miracle's Boys It is about 3 young bi-racial brother growing up without parents in New York At twenty-two Ty'ree, the oldest of three brothers, is now caring for his younger siblings. Lafayette, twelve, is still grieving and blames himself for not being able to save his mother, who died from an insulin shock two years earlier; and Charlie, fifteen, has just returned from Rahway Home for Boys where he has been imprisoned for the last two years after being convicted of armed robbery. Ty'ree and Lafayette have built a stable, if quiet, relationship and are comforted by predictable daily routines. Charlie introduces an element of chaos and hostility that neither of his brothers is able to relate to. In response they begin talking to each other in a way they have not been able to previously. They fear for Charlie and want to help him overcome his anger and grief. In attempting to help Charlie, they end up working through their grief as well. The story is told almost exclusively through dialogue with little action actually taking place.j Ty'ree - The oldest brother and now the parent of the younger two brothers. Ty'ree is a strong and responsible man, he is also angry/sad because his mom died. Instead of going to college, he had to work. He had been preparing todo when she died.He is also dealing with issues stemming from witnessing when his dad died of hypothermia from saving the lady and dog from drowning in the lake before Lafayette was born. Author: Jacqueline Woodson Key Quote: The function of freedom, Mama read, is to free someone else. Jeremy Fortner
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