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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mintzberg's Management Roles Identifying the Roles Managers Play The 10 Roles First published by Mintzberg in 1990 1. Figurehead.2. Leader.3. Liaison.4. Monitor.5. Disseminator.6. Spokesperson.7. Entrepreneur.8. Disturbance Handler.9. Resource Allocator.10. Negotiator. Roles Divided into Categories Interpersonal FigureheadLeaderLiaison Informational MonitorDisseminatorSpokesperson Decisional EntrepreneurDisturbance HandlerResource AllocatorNegotiator Interpersonal Category Roles involve providing information and ideas. Informational Category Roles involve processing information. Decisional Category Roles involve using information. Applying the Model Identify any weak areas using the Roles above Then use the following resources to start improving your abilities in each role. Figurehead Figureheads represent their teams. Leader This is the role you probably spend most of your time fulfilling. Liaison Work on your professional networking techniques Monitor Learn how to gather information effectively Disseminator Know how to share information and outside views effectively Spokesperson Know how to represent your organization at a conference Entrepreneur Build on your change management skills DisturbanceHandler You need to excel at conflict resolution ResourceAllocator Learn how to manage a budget, cut costs, and prioritize Negotiator Improve your negotiation skills Brighton School of Business and Management
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