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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Spanish in the United States According to the US Census Bureau 38.3 million US residents ages 5 and older spoke Spanish at home in 2012. 241,000 United States Latinos in South Carolina Spartanburg As of 2011, there are 17,500 Latinosliving in Spartanburg County. This is an increase from 7,081 in 2000. The US Census Bureauestimates that as of 2013there are around 54 millionHispanics living in the United States. Around 350 million people around the world speak Spanish as their native language. These people live in 21 countries. (According to Pew Research Center) IMPORTANT FACTS-Value religion.-Predominately Catholic-Value education-Strong sense of family PROBLEMS FOR LATINOS -Negative view of Spanishby the public-Loss of heritage language because of negative views-Latinos are often discriminatedagainst based on their citizenship status. (Pew Research shows 11.2 million unauthorized immigrants live in the United States as of 2012 and Mexicans make up half of those.) IN THE CLASSROOM-Teachers should emphasizeimportance of maintenance ofheritage language-Bi-lingual classrooms/teachers-Culturally-responsive teaching-Maintain high expectations for allstudents-Teachers must learn about the culture of their students. SPANISH VS. ENGLISH-30-40% of words in English have a similar word in Spanish (cognates)-Both use the Roman alphabet-Same basic sentence structure-Same processes used to learn toread and write in both languages COGNATE:Having the same originEx. baby=bebé As of 2011 more than 12.4 million Hispanic students were enrolled in U.S. public schools. INTEGRATION INTO USMany Latino immigrants to the United States come from countries filled with violence andcorruption and because of thisthey may struggle to trust governmental institutions-like schools. The Latino populationin the US is projected to continue to increase over the next few decades.
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