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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 balanced to be a There choice The minimalist are many good reasons tominimize one's possessions instead of maximizing them. Here are some benefits: "God, I give you my schedule and all of my things. Show me how to live the minimalist lifestyle in whatever way that you have planned it for me. I am sorry for overfilling my life because I thought that having better stuff and getting more done could make me happier. Now I know that that way of thinking was backward. You do not want me to compare my standard of living with anyone or anything except your Word. I break all of my affections off of the items in my home and set them on the beautiful things that you are storing up for me in heaven. May your word light my path as you and I decide what to keep in our home. Give me the wisdom to have this perspective about my possessions from now until I see you in person. Amen." m Are you willing to sacrifice the desire to fit in? Feel happier with less obligations and stress.Feel peace and beauty at home.Find things quickly.Teach my kids contentment.Make it easy for myself to say no.Have less to clean.Have less to fix.Have more focus.Have time for people.Stay home and teach my kids God's Words.Be forced to face my character flaws.Find my spiritual talent and develop it.Stop comparing my lifestyle.Pay off debt fast.Show my kids how to enjoy life.Feel like I have enough.Be ready for missions if called.Do more to fund missions.Store up treasures in heaven instead of on earth.Spend less time and money shopping.Get rid of movies and music with offensive words.Have the money to buy items that last a long time.Research before making purchases.End the obligation to buy cheap stuff.Stop the garage sale cycle.Skip the couponing.Buy organic and cook from scratch.Have time to get enough sleep and exercise.End anxiety about having too much to take care of.Experience intimate dependence on God.Be content with such things as I have.Escape the traps related to poverty and richness.Be a light in a culture of overconsumption.Have enough to share with the poor.
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