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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 2 1 Blocks/Materials Blocks/Materials Controls The controls on Xbox are mostly the same you can not change them and they are more easierto use. Minecraft pc has more blocks/materials people like minecraft pc more because they can make more creative things. 2 Animals/Plants 1 Minecraft Xbox has less blocks/materialspeople still like it but the making of thingsis less Animals/Plants Minecraft pc has more animals and plants players like this because they can do more things with their world and can have more plant life. 3 Controls The controls on pc are good because you can change them to your own likeing Minecraft pc Minecraft Xbox 4 4 5 5 Years Old Years Old Minecraft pc was made in 2009 so right now it is 6 years old Minecraft Xbox was made in 2012 so right now it is 3 years old Money Made Money Made Minecraft pc has made 101 milliondollars in just 6 years Minecraft Xbox has less animals and plantsMinecraft Xbox has added horses so players really liked that so Xbox is getting better. Minecraft Xbox has made 2.5 billiondollars in 3 years 6 6 8 7 7 8 9 9 10 10 Cost $$ Cost $ Minecraft Xbox cost 19.99 it cost less than thepc version. Minecraft pc cost 29.65 right now and the price may go up. Graphics Graphics The graphics of minecraft pc are kinda better than Xbox because it's a computer and they had more time to improve there graphics over the years. The graphics of Minecraft Xbox are not that goodcompare to pc but there still good for a minecraftplayer maybe over the years they are going to fixthere graphics and make them better. Creator Creator Minecraft pc was made by mojang they made this game in 2008 but realest it in2009. Minecraft pc was made by mojang they made this game in 2012. Ratings Ratings Minecraft pc got a rating of 4.5 stars in 2013 this shows that lots of people liked the game and told other people about it. Minecraft Xbox got a rating of 4 stars this ratingshows that peolpe liked it but not as much as they like minecraft pc. What age is approbate to play this game? What age is approbate to play this game? Minecraft pc is a good game to kids of all agesbecause its just about building and using their imagination. This goes the same with Minecraft Xbox becausekids like to make thing using their imagination sothis is a perfect game for them and any other kidswho might like it. In All In all this game is a very good game no matter were your playing itMinecraft is a very cool and fun game to play for kids of all ages.
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