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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What's So Great About Textures with a default resolution of 16x16 can be upgraded as tohigh as 512x512. Fully customize your player with the Skin Creator Tool. A lot of people who see Minecraft for the first time are confused as to why its so popular among gamers, with its world of blocks and the 16 bit textures. But, MINECRAFT takes gamers beyond simple stunning visuals and brings you into an ever-changing world of creativity. Here are a few of the highlights of what make this game so great. A very large community of Online Modders Over 12,000,000 people around the world have bought MINECRAFT on PC alone. ? ONE CHUNK Every world is uniquebecause MINECRAFT generates new 'chunks' randomly as the player explores. MINECRAFT won the award for Best Independent Game at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards. MINECRAFT was originally created by one man, Markus Persson ( AKA Notch) who is now a multi-millionaire. MINECRAFT 360 Edition is the most downloaded, most played Arcade game on XBOX LIVE - There are over 300 unique blocks and items to be crafted! 64,000,000 km --> If one block is one real world meter, the maximum size of a MINECRAFT world would be 64 million km square. That's about 130 QUADRILLION blocks! 64,000,000 km --> All rights to images belong to their original owners. Infographic created by Mike Woodcock.
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