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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Whats on it? Why do we have it? Who is it for? Has it changed? My final thoughts. What is it? A Canadian bill That grants citizens Rights and Freedoms. It Grantees Equality over all races/genders. Every citizen has the right of thought/religion/speak/opion/ETC. Everyone has the right to vote, we will get to that later. A constiuntion act created in 1960. It also grants political rights to all partys/indivatuals. Building blocks to a working government. To insure our Rights/Freedoms are protected Voting now gives the government power Canadians are protected against unreasonable searches The Charter also guarantees our democratic tradition. Immigrant friendly/Treated fairly Inteded to create equaily for everyone The Candaian Bill of rights passed in 1960 Canadian Human Rights Act first enacted in 1977. The Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, passed in 1975. Saskatchewan and Alberta enacted bills of rights in 1947 and 1972. All Canadian citizens That are either born in CanadaOr Have earned it though the Canadian citizen test. How it's prestended The Charter is very important to our livesRacism would still be a problem And sexism would still be an issue. As important as it is, it can single handily change history for Canada. It was a great idea to give power to the people, and giving us the rights/Freedoms to think what we want and giving us the ability to impact Canada.
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