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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did you know Dogs Work in the Military? By:Bri Madak "Out in front of Americas troops,combat canines and their handlers lead the way ontothe most dangerous battlefieldson Earth" "Some dogs are trained to silentlylocate booby traps" "During World War II,the 13th (Lancashire) ParachuteBattalion started an adventurousexperiment as it prepared for D-Day: enlisting dogs into their ranks" Military dogs can reassure humans in the military during battle "The United States War Dogs Association estimates that, since the beginning of their service, dogs have saved approximately 10,000 American lives" Some of the main military dog breeds are Dutch and GermanShepherds or Belgian Malinois Dogs can be in the navyseals and/or be airborne dogs can sniff out poison gas, barking warningsto doughboys in the trenches "Dogs are used for protection, pursuit, tracking and search and rescue, but the military is also increasingly relying on them to sniff out the homemade bombs that cause the vast majority of American casualties in Afghanistan" Military dogs wearing body armor have to undergo forcetraining Kane,Gillian. SergeantStubby. Slate. 7 May.2014. 11 Jan. 2015<> Hagerman, Chris. The Dogs of the Navy 4 April. 2013. 11 Jan. 2015<> Frankel, Rebecca.Military Dogs SniffOut IEDs, Save Lives. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.31 Oct. 2014. 11 Jan. 2015<> Ingersoll, Geoffrey. 20 Things You Never Knew About America's War Dogs. Business Insider. 26 Sept. 2012.11 Jan. 2015< dogs-2012-9? op=1#ixzz3OT ctiaui> Dogs in warfare. Wikipedia. 9 Jan. 2015.11 Jan. 2015<> Dogs in warfare. Wikipedia. 9 Jan. 2015. 11Jan. 2015< Dogs_in_warfare> Bumiller, Elisabeth. The Dogs of War: Beloved Comrades in Afghanistan. "The New The New York Times. 11 May. 2011. 11 Jan. 2014<> Backovic, Lazar. Britain's Luftwoofe: The Heroic Paradogs of World War II. SPIEGEL ONLINE INTERNATIONAL. 17 Dec. 2013. 6 Jan. 2015<> Top 10 service dogs. Dogtime. 30 Oct. 2014. 11 Jan. 2015<> War Dogs. National Geographic. June. 2014.11 Jan. 2015<>
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