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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Romantic period 1798-1832 - Poets that started the Romantic period- They needed money for a trip to Germany so they sold poems- Coleridge was 25- Wordsworth was 25, felt betrayed with the French Revolution- The poem that got them much attention was "Lyrical Ballads" Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth During the Romantic period - United states purchased Louisiana from France- United States wen to war with Great Britain- Antarctica was discovered- The Rosetta Stone was discovered- Thomas Jefferson elected president on 1800 Poets during the Romantic period There were 6 main poets during the romantic period.- William Blake- William Wordsworth- Samuel Taylor Coleridge- Percy Bysshe Shelley- John Keats- George Gordon- These poets were frustrated with England's resistance to change- They thought the government was abusing children by making them work in coal mines.- They started writing more private, lyric, and spontaneous poetry- they thought imagination was the best response to forces of change.- They were fascinated with youth and innocence. - Used idealism - They explored more new psychological, mysterious, mythological aspects of human experience.- They were called nature poets.- They prized nature and imagination. -The Industrial Revolution brought many changes to English life.- The English people were used to living in small towns but with all of the new factories in the cities, the population started to increase.-Children were put into hard manual labor.- Instead of man made goods, they started using machines.- Laissez-faire was created. This stated that economic forces should be allowed to operate freely without government interference,- Factories had machines built in the that made production a lot faster. The Industrial Revolution French Revolution 1789 - Some refer to this revolution as the start of the romantic period although the official date is 1798.- Romantic poets, especially William Wordsworth, were against this revolution because they didn't like England going to war- This is one of the most important events in human history- The revolution was started through threats from other countries
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