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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mike Ross Mike Ross Websites Three things that the website wants you to remember about Mike Ross and his campaign - 2. Mike Ross and his campaign wants to help Arkansas"by growing the middle class with more good-paying jobs." 3. Mike Ross and his campaign wants to "make sure our seniors retire with dignity of hard work."Which means that he wants to make sure elder people retire properly. "Our campaign is about our values and our future." Mike Ross "On Our Side" ad - - Mike Ross and his campaign 1. Mike Ross and his campaign wants to"give every child the opportunityto get a world-class education." Mike Ross and his campaign creates an ad called "On Our Side" because he wants to run for governor. Mike Ross ad starts positive and describes ways that he is better than his opposing candidate,Asa Hutchinson. Then the ad turns negative as they describe the negativity in Asa Hutchinson and hope that Mike Ross wins theelection. Mike Ross Vs. Asa Hutchinson - Mike Ross "My husband and I met Mike in 2006 after my son was killed in Iraq. He sent me an American flag and a framed Congressional Record. I e-mailed him thanking him, but I was still deeply grieving and told him I wish he had delivered these items in person. The next thing I knew, he made arrangements to come out to our home. He insisted on not letting the press known about it as it was so personal to me. He was so kind. I knew he was a good man. He has proven that many times over. We were elated when he decided to run for Governor! He has our full support and he always has and Arkansas will be in good hands"! Quotes - CHRIS STANTON - ASHDOWN "I believe Mike has the experience to guide Arkansas into the right direction. He is a caring person and has nothing but Arkansas and Arkansans on his mind. Its an honor to be a part of his campaign"! "Mike Ross is an honorable man. He works hard and has faced many challenges during his time in congress. Arkansans need Mike Ross". "I have known Mike for 20+ years and know him to be a hard worker, honest and his philosophy of government is very similar to my own. With his background and experience, I think he would be a good governor". - DANIELL WALL - BOONEVILLE - LYNDA MORGAN - DUMAS - BURTON ELLIOTT - FAYETTEVILLE Ross, Mike. "Mike Ross Governor." Mike Ross Governor.1 Jan. 2014. Web.28 Oct. 2014.<>. Mike Ross owns a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - Ferrari 458 Spider - Source
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