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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Migrant Workers in the US: 40's to Present The Great Depression World War II Mexican-American Workers were deported indiscriminantly during the Great Depression because they were seen as taking American jobs. Oftentimesthey were blamed for causing the Depression in the first place, with race related violence breaking out throughout the 40's. World War II was actually one ofthe most prosperous times for migrantworkers on the homefront. They got higher paying jobs working in factories to aid the war effort, and as a result, some became managers at those same factories! For their actions during combat, Mexican-Americans received 17 Medals of Honor, more than any other ethnic group. Over 500'000 Latino-Americans enlisted throughout the war. Since 2003, the amount of anti-hispanic hate crimes has been rising steadily: 2003: 426 incidents2004: 475 incidents2005: 522 incidents2006: 576 incidents2007: 595 incidents The Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act: -If under 18, you cannot do jobs that may put you in danger-If under 16, your working hours are closely regulated by the government-A farm owner must provide his/her workers with the propertransportation, housing, and wages as stated by federal law-Investigators from the Department of Labor are free to inspectthe farm at anytime and to make sure all federal laws are beingmet And these arejust a few! The Darker Side: Modern Slavery Slavery is not dead. Some farm owners still use forced labor to harvest crops. Workers often HAVE to take these jobs because of the high unemployment rate, poverty, crime or discrimination. Immigrants are also more prone to exploitation because of their illegal alien status, meaning the owners can threaten them with deportation if they do not agree to their terms. The average education level of migrant farmworkers is that of a sixth grade level.800,000 children in the US work on farms,who are oftentimes born into a family which is bonded by debt to the farm owners. According to the Department of Labor,61 percent of all farmworkers live onan income that is below the poverty line. -Southern farmer as quoted from Edward R. Murrow's, HARVEST OF SHAME documentary "We used to own slaves, now we just rent them." Antonio Roche
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