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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History of Miep Gies Miep Gies Miep was born on February 15,1909.Miep died when she was a 100 on January 2010.Miep was married at the age of 34. Miep Gies was pregnant at the age 39. Miep died at 100 years old.She was a good person at heart.Miep helped the Frank family whenever they needed it. Miep was a nice lady. Miep was married but he was taken away as well. double click to change this header text! The effects of Miep Gies Miep helped the frank family. She new what she was doing when she hid them.She new she would get in a lot of trouble.Miep had to get over her fear and do what she thought was right for everyone else.Miep wanted to help everyone she could.The frank family is really glad that Miep helped them.Miep tries her best to do all she can but she is scared of the law that she will be broken.It did not matter to Miep if she was breaking a law she knew that what she was doing was right. Miep really looked at the Frank family as her own family . Ways that Miep Gies helped the Frank family Miep gave them a place to hide out at. Miep helped by providing the Frank family with food and anything the needed. Miep helped the Frank family in their business and with the hiding. Miep will bring the Frank family anything they needed or wanted. Miep new that she would get in trouble but it was better to help the Frank family than letting the go to a concentration camp.Miep knew that she could get in trouble if the Natizs found out that she was a part of the people that was helping jews go into hiding.Miep was giving her life the Frank family.The Frank family also knew that Miep was giving her life for them. The family was very nice to Miep.Miep was with the Frank family in a business as well.
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