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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 UNIT PLANNINGBEGIN WITH THE END THE LESSON Use well framed objectives to define the goal of each lesson. The objective for the lesson must be manageable and measurable What is the best and fastest way to achieve the goal? Look for the shortest path OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT ACTIVITIES/TASKS What is the outcome?The method of deliveryshould give the best result in reaching theobjective 4M's for ObjectivesManagable: Caught in a single lessonMeasurable: Supporting dataMade first: Work back from objectiveMost important: Next most relevant step in the process Double Plan - What you will be doing What the students will be doingLook through their eyes I/We/YouI: I doWe: I do; you helpWe: You do; I helpYou: You doYou: do......and do.....and do. The hook - engageName the Steps - break it downBoard/Paper - copies of the taskCirculate - Move around to engage and hold students accountable ModelAnticipateBreak it downCheck for understanding -data - data sets-samplingAt Bats Exit Ticket TECHNIQUES IDEAS GRADE 6Collaboration /Observation/ Planning/ConnectionSkill development : Visual Art Drawing- ObservationPainting - Making sense of colour and formPrintmaking - Shapes make images Sculpture - Form and 3D - changes our viewStem to Steam - Connections YEAR 7Parts make Whole: Art ElementsDrawing - Deeper Observation - PerspectivePainting - Following a theme- Telling a story Mark making/colour TexturePrintmaking - Positive/NegativeSculpture- - Build/Engineer- - Structure and StabilityPrehistoric/Egyptian - Drawing and PrintmakingGreek and Roman - Sculpture/Engineering/ConstrPainting - Tone and collage YEAR 8Manipulating the Elementsusing the PrinciplesDrawing, Painting,- Del K. B, Tim B Sculpture: Ceramics Printmaking: Etching- chincolleCombinations of these artformsEmphasis on -Movement, Pattern, UnityRhythm....Adding complexity andmaking connectionsRenaissance, Baroque, Romaniticism,Realism, Impressionism
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