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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Development: Middle Years Cognitive Development Characteristics: - Consider different parts of a problem/situation- Increase in logical reasoning - Using concrete examples, increased awareness of memory & learning strategies - Improvement in skills like reading and writing- Thinking becomes more complex- Can focus on things that are real rather than ideasof things 'Red Flags' - Learn how to make friends- Self esteem is fragile and can rapidly change depending on the situation- Act like adults, but can be as unreasonable as a toddler- Learn to understand themselves - Moral and ethical development (right vs. wrong)- Understanding of peers/family interactions- Deepening same-sex friendships Wind turbines requirevast plots of land - Encourage playing games that help coordination and athletic abilities- Keep an eye on growth and weight gain. (Be knowledgeable on where they should be)- Eat healthy and promote excercise Social/Emotional Development 2010 wind energy production was over 2.5% worldwide - Does not improve with skills such as readingand writing- Thinking does not become more complex- Focuses on things that aren't real rather thanthings that are real- Does not understand different parts of a problem/situation What can the teacher/parent do? Characteristics: 'Red Flags' - Does not have friends- Not understanding of family or peers- Does not have moral or ethical boundaries (doesn't know the difference between right & wrong)- Does not know how to make friends- Is abnormally shy What can the teacher/parent do? - Get child involved in school/social activities- Encourage child to work with different students- Watch out for bullying
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