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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Middle Years Physical Development * Strength and muscle coordination improve.* Rapid growth spurts.* More physically active.* Starting to lose baby teeth.* Vision becomes sharper. Red Flags Cognitive Development * Increase in abstract thoughts.* Child can fantasize and speculate.* Things seem unfair to child. * More likely to question the rules. * Increased memory. Red Flags Red Flags Red Flags Social/Emotional Development Language Development * Learn friend making skills.* Self esteem is fragile.* Both responsible and irresponsible.* Learn social skills.* Develop moral/ethical feelings. * Can relate past events.* Speech is intelligible and socially useful.* Complex and compound sentences are used easily.* Reading more fluently.* Gramatical accuracy. * Failure to respond normally.* Sudden loss of speech.* Stuttering. * Slow/slurred speech.* Excessive drooling. * Doesn't express emotion.* Can't differentiate between fantasy and reality.* Very unhappy or sad.* Trouble making friends.* Unable to seperate from parents. Promoting Development * Encourage conversation.* Encourage reading,* Listen to the child when they are speaking. * Trouble with vision.* Stiff or floppy on one side of the body.* Abnormally loud talking.* Stunted growth.* Abnormally poor coordination. Promoting Development * Slow to respond.* Colors or letters are still confusing.* Easily distracted.* Problem making shapes.* Doesn't understand pretend. Promoting Development * Encourage sports* Encourage healthy eating.* Educate on ways to remain healthy.* Work on balance. * Encourage play with others.* Help them resolve conflict in a healthy way.* Make the student feel safe. * Respect differences with the child. Promoting Development * Play memory games.* Play make believe.* Encourage problem solving.
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