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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Land in the Midde East Desert Coastal Plains The desert is hot and dry. The climate range is crazy, at night it can be freezing and during the day over 100 degrees.Due to the crazy climate very little plants life grows and survives. The area also has large sand dunesthat can shift making navigation difficult. There are some very big deserts on and around theArabian Peninsula including the Sahara,Syrian and An Nafud desert.Overall they are considered part of a group of deserts called the Arabian deserts.These factors forced people to adapt. Some people becamenomads, others raised goats and sheep. No matter what youdid, while in the desert you wore long gowns and camels were your best way to travel.I would give this area a livability rating of 1 because the climate varies a great deal and does not support plant life well enough to thrive in my opinion.I would give this area a trade rating of 3 because nomadswander through the area allowing avid trade. The Coastal Plains were a breezy area. The air is very moist due to the fact that its beside the ocean. On the edges of the peninsula rocky cliffs are createdfrom waves batting against the shore. There are also many dry rivers running through the peninsula which doesn'tmake much sense because the area gets frequent rain.The soil on the coastal plains is very fertile so many peopleliving there became farmers. They dug irrigation ditches so thewater could reach the fields. People also traded in seaportslike Aden.Overall, I would give this area a livability rating of 5 becauseyou can grow many crops as well as use the ocean for transportaion.I would give it a trade rating of 5 because there are many trade ports like Aden where trade flourishes.
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