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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 END: 12/30 Our Transportation Journey By car: FROM MICHIGAN TO JAPAN START: 12/27 By bus: By taxi: We hailed a taxi and took it about 30 minutes to our hotel near the airport in Toronto. Two fellow teacherskindly picked us up from the airport and brought us to our temporary apartment (about an hour drive). At 3:15 AM, we took the shuttle bus from our hotel to the airport. We flew from Toronto to Detroit, with about a four hour layover before proceeding to fly from Detroit to Tokyo. By car: 2014 Before we left, we said goodbye to Grand Haven family and friends, as well as our sweet kitties. We took the Greyhound Bus from Detroit to Toronto, stopping in London, Canada on the way. By shutle bus: By airplane: Chad's brother drove us about two and a half hours to Detroit, where we stayed the night with his sister. A fire alarm went off in our hotel at 2:15 AM, so we didn't need our wake-up call after all. (Turns out it was a false alarm.) Our taxi driver was an old Korean man who followed his own pace when it came to traffic. The bus stopped at the Canadian border for a quick security check. We were not charged for our extra bags. By flying from Toronto toDetroit, we saved about $500 per ticket. Sadly, Delta changed its checked baggage policy to one, so we were charged extra for 2 bags. Yatta! Finally ourjourney was complete!Nothing better than anice cold beer to celebrate our arrival. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED US GET TO TOKYO!
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