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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Students think homework and studying is the same thing, which are two very distinct task Whats the main reason for Homework?? What's studying then?? Homework commonly consists of assignments thatinstructors assign to be completed at homeby students. The main purpose of homeworkis to reinforce what you learned in that class What advice would you give me on how to study effectively?? Tips 1: Choose a quiet place to study- when near noises, it is hard to concentrate. Best location can be in a library or a bookstore. Tip 2: Set a specific time to study- make a "appointment" for when to study and stay to the commitment. Also, reward yourself with breaks Tip 3: Make sure you have all study materials you need-Gather any textbooks, notes,and flashcards you will need to help you study. DON'T bring any things you dont need to study for or that will become a distraction. Leave your phone behind or leave it on silent. Tip 4: Keep a positive outlook about studying-having a positive attitude will help you grasp the material. Take time learning the material. Tip 5: DO Not Procrastinate- Waiting for the last minute to study will be stressful which is difficult to recall the material. Studying until the last minute will help you get a slightly higher grade but you will not be able to recall the information onfinal exams or midterms. Studying refers to the time students spend on their own to go over material they learned in class. Studying includes flashcards, taking detailed notes, making outlines, and reading
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