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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1776 1774 1774 1774 1775 1773 The Intolerable Acts The Quebec Act Boston Tea Party Events from the Boston Tea Party to the Declaration of Independence 1773-1776 Colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped teainto the Boston Harbor. Parliament passed four harsh acts against the colonies. The Quebec Act gave a government for Canada,religious freedom for French Catholics, and extended the border of Quebec. The First Continental Congress In 1774 12 delegatesfrom the colonies, except from Georgia,meet in Philedelphia. 1775 Lexington and Concord British troops went to Concordto seize colonial arms. When theyarrive they met 70 minutemen.A random shot was fired, and they found no arms. When they went to Lexington they faced 300minutemen. After the battle the British retreated. The Olive Branch Petition The Olive Branch Petition declared loyalty to the kingand asked him to repel the Intolerable Acts. 1775 Colonel William Prescott led1,200 minutemen up Bunker Hillto fire on British ships in the harbor. He found a better position on Breed's Hilland ordered his troops there. It took the British three tries to push over the hill. Battle of Bunker Hill Common Sense Thomas Paine wrote a articlecalled Common Sense. Ithelped the colonists wantindependence. The Declaration of Independence 1776 The Declaration of Independenceconsisted of a preamble and threemain parts. The three main parts were Natural Rights, British Wrongs,and Independence.
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