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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Karl ran through the streets putting fliers in mail boxes and on park benches even though he should have been at home. 1941 Hitler came to power after a great deal of difficulty. Many Germans were humiliated at their loss in WW1, and Hitler gave them someone to lame for their problems : Jewish people 1941 The Boy who foughtthe Nazi's The Boy who foughtthe Nazi's Hitler went after Jews, Catholics, disabled, gypsies, and gay people but mostly Jews.Most people embraced the Nazis, but the resisters learned to keep quiet as they were swiftly killed when they were found. Karl, his friends,and his parents were resisters. Karl and his best friends hated what Hitlerstood for and wanted to do something. Helmuth, one of his friends had a radio and the group listenedto British news casts every day aftereven though the penalty was extreme. They listened to what washappening in Russia whichHitler had recently invaded. their suspicions were confirmed that Hitler was lying to the Germans. Helmuth and his friends hatched a plan, they typed flyers criticizing the Nazi's and put them places. That's what Karl was doing. They hadn't always despisedthe Nazi's and used to be one of them. they were in Young Folk doing stuff on the weekends. 1938 They did that until they graduated until they went in to Hitler Youth wherethey fought mock battles andwore military uniforms.They were being trained to hate. They all got expelled. They became more daring in their plans and dropped pamphlets in to high ranking Nazi officers pockets. The Nazi officers desperately searched for those responsible. They took precautions. They made a pact , if one was caught he would take full responsibility Feb. 5, 1942 Helmuth was arrested and brutally beaten for 2 days. On Feb. 10 the other boys were arrested. They got their sentences. Helmuth was sentenced death and the other 2 boys got hard labor. Helmuth kept the pact. Helmuth was beheaded and Hitler killed himself to avoid capture. Karl was taken prisoner by the Russians . They didn't believe he was a resister. He was their for 4 years. He and Rudi moved to the U.S and were invited to Helmuth's memorial. They were given medals of honor. Karl and Rudi both wrote books about Helmuth. They lived as friends with their families. They never forgot Helmuth.
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