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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -If you know who the zombie is....TOO BAD! The zombie will not and wont EVER remember who you are. -Zombies are motivated by....BRAINNNSSS! -Zombies are an infectious humans. They are the walking dead They have no type of mind, its all set on BRAINS! There are a few types of zombies.-Viral/Parasitic zombies-Radiation zombies-Experiment-Gone-Wrong zombies-Voodoo zombies-''Rise From The Dead Zombies'' -According to scientists the infection is called Solanum Virus.It can be many different names but this is the most accurate one. -If there is ever a zombie apocalypse the CDC(Center Disease Control) willdefinitely be ALL over it. -There have been so many moviesabout zombies. Such as....Walking Dead, World War Z, also Shaun Of The Dead. -You may have heard about zombies in Haiti. Well that's not all true, that's where they originated from.They can be controlled by a master, or just infected of course. 80-90% of Haitians practice Voodoo.This tends to make there souls more vulnerable. Which makes them a little LOOPY, but becausethey loose control of there actions or body. -If a zombie bites you it will make you infected. you wont know how long it will take before you become one of them. It can take minutes, seconds, hours, or even days. But soon or later you will become one of them. It all depends on the entry point or if they just barely bite you. :By: DEVIN LOOPER Micah Cretsinger
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