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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 <--Modern climete changes are the reson the animals in africa Are going ecstinct "About 80% of thretenedand endangerd speses in the U.Shave atleast part of there habitat on private land" On ba Langaer suspicshos actvity wich show that causes endangerd speces like monkeys. This panda is going him! the WWF organiation is helping them Will u help To?<---- Animals Going extinct this animal Wont be here for long unless You and others help.Come on amarica help save mountan lions. -----> #extinction pochers be like Ok today i feel like im going to iligily kill animalsANd the animals just be like"liets scare him when he has a gun! like #YOLO . By: Mia Trumble We are presently losing dozens of species every day, according to the Center for Biological Diversity. Nearly 20,000 species of plants and animals are at a high risk of extinction and if trends continue, Earth could see another mass extinction event within a few centuries. Unlike past mass extinctions,Caused by events like asteroid strikes,Volcanic eruptions and natural climate shifts,the current crisis is almost entirely caused by us-humans," the main focus of the Red List is to stop species from going extinct," a Red List manager told the Washington Post in 2011. "But, by default, we became the standard international list for extinctions." Animals have all gone extinct in the past two centuries thanks to humans.
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